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My old DEC AlphaServer (from 2010)

Genuine DEC monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Also a spare PSU.
Genuine DEC monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Also a spare PSU.

AlphaServer 4100 Config:
  • DEC AlphaServer 4100 (BA30A-AA)
    • Digital Dodge Sys/Bd AS 4100 Backplane (54-23803-01)
    • Power Control Module (54-24117-01)
    • Sys/Bd To PCI Bridge (B3040-AA)
    • EISA/PIC I/O Backplane (B3052-AA)
    • RIO Server Control Card (54-24674-01)
    • (Qty 4) EV5.6 533MHz CPU, 4MB Cache (B3005-CA)
    • (Qty 4) 1GB EDO SIMM (B3030-GA)
    • S3 TRIO 64 V+ 2MB PCI Video (PB2GA-JD)
    • PCI to Fast SCSI-2 HBA (KZPAA-AA)
    • Mylex DAC960PD-3 PCI RAID (KZPSC-BA)
    • DEC 21140 (Tulip) 100Mb Ethernet NIC (DE500-AA)
    • Plextor Internal SCSI CD+RW Drive
    • (Qty 2) 450 Watt PSU (30-44712-01)
  • (Qty 2) StorageWorks BA356 Ultra SCSI Shelf, each has:
    • 1.5-meter VHDCI to 68pin Wide SCSI cable (BN31S-1E)
    • 16 bit SCSI SE IO (Personality) Module (BA35X-MH)
    • (Qty 2) 150 Watt Power Supply Module (BA35X-HF)
    • (Qty 5) 9.1 GB SCSI 7200RPM Hard Drive (RZ1DB-VW)
  • External Seagate 4GB 7200 RPM SCSI Boot Drive
  • HP DLT 4000 External SCSI Tape Drive (C1579A)
  • DEC 14" SVGA Monitor (PCXBV-PF)
  • DEC PS/2 Keyboard & PS/2 Mouse

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